Feather in the cap- Simplify3x in the Top 10 Software Testing Solution Provider

The Value of user experience makes quality assurance one of the most crucial stages of the software development process. The renowned print Magazine APAC CIOOutlook, infamous for their deep background research, a distinguished panel and APAC CIO Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and announced Simplify3X as “The Company of the Year.” Simplify3x, an end to end test automation firm through its tool SimplifyQA has expertise in providing cutting edge solutions to enterprises, is delighted to be part of “Learn from our peers approach” concept of APAC CIO Outlook. What most of the companies achieve after years, Simplify3X has achieved it in the shortest span possible, 3 years. Know from our Founder and CEO, Mr. Vijay Daniel on how SimplifyQA is being used to help the organization gain value and quality, by saving time, money and mitigating the risk associated with software failures. https://bit.ly/2pekU57