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SimplifyQA v3.1.17 is here!


Oct. 7, 2021, 3:15 p.m.

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By : shrey

SimplifyQA v3.1.17 is here!

Version 3.1.7 of SimplifyQA has just been released. This version includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes !

New Features

Continue execution on failure

The new 'Continue on Failure' feature in the Test Case will allow the user to continue the execution of test steps even if one fails, allowing the users to complete the execution.


Improved Execution Log Execution logs have been improved to make them more user-friendly.

Execution Plan now has new columns -  Release and Iteration columns have been added to the Execution Plan module.

Functions to have versions - You may now create several versions of a test function for easier management.
       [NOTE: To use this feature, please download the most recent installer from SimplifyQA Downloads.]

Import with formatting support - Now the user may import test cases from Excel while keeping the original format such as bullets and numbering, making the test cases more organised and structured.

Defect Fixes

35610170 - Test Data : Import and Export icons are to be removed from Suites

335610162 - Feature: Without filing the mandatory field(Description) user is able to save the feature

335610151 - Test Data : Previously selected testcases /functions of that module are displaying even after clearing the selected module

335610144 - Testcase : Unable to select the parameter in the if else condition.

335610139 - Feature : Spinner is loading while importing duplicate initiatives

335610134 - Test Data: Test case name should display in single line in test data screen

335610119 - User story : In view mode instead of Associated User story it is showing Associated Us code.

335610095 - Module : Total Records count is not displaying properly when we navigate to function/defect through module.

335610094 - Report : Searched text is not clearing for execution plan and test case.

335610092 - Test Case : Desktop browser is not working for first click

335610090 - Config : Total count is not displaying properly when we navigate to Action

335610089 - Test Case: Test Case module Name filter is disabled if user moves to other test management modules

335610048 - Initiative : Data is not refreshing if we click on initiative module post navigating from initiative module

335610195 - Environment : User should able to search the environment in the execute tab.

33569951 -  Testcase : Total Records count is not displaying properly when we navigate to testcase through module

Known Issues

  • Step description in test case do not support formatting when imported from an excel 

By : vishal kumar


By : simplify3x-admin

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