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SimplifyQA v3.1.18 is here!

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By : shrey

Version 3.1.18 of SimplifyQA has just been released. This version includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes !

New Features

Copy Suite - The Copy Suite option in the Suite Module now allows users to copy suites.

Copy Release - Users may now copy Release to create a new one.

IOS Scheduler - The execution of IOS test cases may now be scheduled.

Dashboard: 'Defects by Priority' Graph - The dashboard now includes a new matrix for 'Defects by Priority'. 


Loop - Users may now add loop for steps in test cases and functions.




If condition for objects in function and testcase- Users may now create 'If condition' for objects.

New icons in view mode for functions and testcases - In the view mode for functions and test cases, user may now see the icons for  screenshot, skip, and continue on failure.

New summary charts for execution - The execution summary charts of the past three executions will now be included in the testcase and test suite execution reports.

Ability to rename version in testcase and function- Users may now rename testcase and function versions.

Defect Fixes

  • DE-335610242 Emailers List in suite module is not available.
  • DE-335610232 Deleted version name is displaying in Function edit mode.
  • DE-335610225 Add Testcase screen in Suite should be available in full screen mode.
  • DE-335610213 Test data of a deleted version of test case is displaying.
  • DE-335610158 While creating new defect, by default custom field is getting highlighted.

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