Supply Chain Management

Automation Solution for Supply Chain based application


The Client required an automation solution for their integrated applications (Requires switching between Web portal and Mobile) which was assumed as impossible by them.

Engagement Specifics

  • Provide an effective and reliable automation solution to enable the execution to switch from web portal to mobile app in real devices and vice versa during run time.
  • Customized execution reports shared to product and engineering team for every execution.
  • Developed custom wrappers to switch from web portal to mobile app and vice versa
  • Nightly scheduled execution of End 2 End Scenarios to check health and stability of the build.


  • Reduction Regression execution cycle time by 50% with the help of automation.
  • Unique automated solution to support switching between web (IE,FF and CH) and mobile (Android, iOS) platforms during run time of execution


  • Developed an unique automation capability and provided solution which was thought as an impossible to develop before Engagement with us.