Experienced Test Automation Services to Help You Accelerate Your Product Releases

Simplify3x provides test automation services for different industries including e-commerce, banking, and finance, e-learning, and healthcare. Test automation accelerates the checking process of software solutions, decreases the number of QA engineers involved, and ensures the quality of your application without delaying release, spending budget on building a team, and false failures due to human error.

With 14+ years of experience in technical types of testing, our team of Test Automation Engineers has developed the mindset and skills to perform QA with unparalleled efficiency. Through having successfully completed 350+projects, we have created a complete package of services to provide comprehensive and efficient automation.

Test well-established services, re-using the REST and SOAP APIs with Simplify Interface Tester.

  • Detect defects earlier in the software development life cycle
  • Reduce the risk of finding software bugs in production
  • Reduce time and money expenses for manual testers
  • Increase the speed of delivery
  • Achieve maximum test coverage
  • Avoid the human factor
  • Test scripts enables wider test coverage and fast test results. When replacing repeated manual work with automated tests, the overall cost of software testing is reduced.

QA Automation Services We Provide

Web App Test Automation : automate tests for UI and functional verification of web software.

Mobile App Test Automation : develop test scripts for testing native and hybrid applications

Desktop App Test Automation : cover application suits and their extensions with auto scripts

Continuous Testing : automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline (Hudson, Jenkins, Travis CI, Bamboo, CIRCLECI)

Performance and Load Testing : verify performance and load capacities of systems

Security Testing : black box penetration testing using OWASP methodology

API Testing : check integration with other systems, verify the business logic layer of the software


Cloud device farms: BrowserStack, SauceLabs, AWS Device Farm, Kobiton.

Continuous Testing tools: Hudson, Jenkins, Travis CI, Bamboo, CIRCLECI.

Reporting Frameworks: Mocha, ReportNG,

Integrated Development Environment (IDE): AndroidStudio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Build Management Tools: MSBuild, Maven, Gradle, ApacheAnt Test Automation by QATestLab.

Testing types and vertical industries.

We carry out automation for many types of testing:

  • Cross-browser
  • Cross-platform
  • Regression
  • Functional
  • Installation & configuration testing
  • Security
  • API
  • Smoke
  • Sanity
  • UI tests
  • For any industries:
  • Logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Banking & Finance
  • E-learning
  • Healthcare
Our Test Automation Approach

We follow a process-oriented approach for the successful deployment of test automation: In the assessment stage, the first step is getting the client’s sign-off on deliverables and involves:

  • Understanding document
  • Creating an automation test plan
  • Estimation & schedule
  • Pricing
  • Test Case Feasibility Report
  • Test Automation Plan
  • Recommendation for turning exiting automation framework
  • Regression Test Results